The Funeral

Before I even start, everyone is alive and well. Kids, husband, extended family, pets, even a few too many flies that have invaded our house… everyone is fine.

So, why the somber title for this post? Well, ask Reed. A few days before the event I am writing about in this post, he started asking family members, “Are you going to the funeral?” The typical response: “What funeral!? Who died?” Reed: “Oh, oh, I mean, reunion.” He did this three or four times and I’m not sure he won’t make that mistake again. Previously, this reunion has also been called the dance farm, which seems like a more accurate term.

If you want to read about previous trips to the funeral/dance farm…

When we got to the hotel, it was raining. I was really wondering why we had decided to come, instead of going straight home. The reunion is mostly outdoors, except for a bit of cover from a barn and tents. Being there in the rain is no fun.

Fortunately, the rain cleared up during our time at the hotel.

We had to get a shot of all of the kids in their shirts before we left the hotel. We always make matching shirts for them to make it easier to keep track of all 12 of them.

Then, the drive to the reunion. It’s through the country where we pass lots of Amish buggies, including this one with a boat on top.

We got to see the horses again, including this very friendly one who we met in 2013. Almost the same kids in the picture, too. In 2013, We have VV, Lena, Leif and Gus and in 2015, we have Gus, Lena, Leif and Reed.


While we waited in the massive line for food, my aunt insisted on taking a picture of the 12 kids in their matching shirts.


Lena enjoyed playing on some wrapped hay bales.

She was also reunited with a friend who she has played with for the past few years. They always have a great time together.

The clouds coming over the mountains were very dramatic and at least 3 different people commented on them to me!


The evening is wrapped up with some square dancing. Lyuda gave it a try and LOVED it. When it was time to leave, I unfortunately had to pull her away from her square dancing fun or I think she would have kept dancing until it was over.


On day two of the reunion, we go out for breakfast. The restaurant we go to is very Americana.


Taking 16 kids to a restaurant is a bit overwhelming, but we survived.

Day 2 of the reunion is a smaller crowd and bit more low-key. The cows were wondering what was going on at their place, with all of these cars and people.


Lena “borrowed” her toddler cousin’s hat. And rocked it.


We didn’t stay too long at the reunion. We drove home from there, which meant we had about 20 hours of driving ahead of us… to our new home!


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