New House

We moved just about six weeks ago, although it feels longer ago than that. We only moved about an hour’s drive, so we can easily go back to visit. But, it has been a big adjustment.

arriving home to our new house
arriving home to our new house after being on the East Coast for July

The first two weeks were the hardest. Day one, we had a leak in the basement. A few days later, the alarm on our septic system went off. Getting everyone enrolled for school also proved to be a big challenge. A lot, a lot of stress was wrapped up in those first weeks of getting everyone settled.

frog who likes to visit our back door
frog who likes to visit our back door
Gus’s favorite part of the new house is our big jetted bathtub

Now, things are much better. The kids have been in school for about a month. Lyuda is loving it and the other three are enjoying it for the most part. They have good days and bad, but no major complaints. Gus is going to start getting speech and occupational therapy at school. Gus struggles with sensory processing (very common in kids adopted internationally) and I think this will be beneficial for him.

ready for his first day of kindergarten
ready for his first day of kindergarten
On the first day of school for elementary. Lyuda had to wait a few extra days while we waited on getting her set up with ESL services

The older 3 kids are started to get involved. Lyuda is playing volleyball and has already had two games. Reed is joining Boy Scouts. Lena starts Girls on the Run this week and would like to do Girl Scouts, but there isn’t a lot of interest for her grade. There don’t seem to be a lot of opportunities for Kindergarteners, but that’s okay because adjusting to Kindergarten has been enough.

a cell phone picture from Lyuda’s first volleyball game– she is the one in the front about to hit the ball

As for the new house, it’s great. It feels much more spacious and functional for our family. Everyone likes to comment on the fact that we now have an acre. Perhaps because we still have neighbors fairly close to us on either side, it doesn’t feel like too much of a change. However, I love that our property backs up to a farm. There are cows behind our property who love to walk along their fence and moo at us. We can also see many stars and night and hear lots of different insects and birds.

the cows are just on the other side of the trees
the cows are just on the other side of the trees
Watching one of the many thunderstorms from our bedroom windows

Community is the biggest challenge right now. After living in the same town for 8 years, we knew people. At local events, or just running errands around town, we would run into people who we knew. Not so here, and at times, that feels isolating. We are adjusting.

A fun afternoon when an old friend visited us
A fun afternoon when an old friend visited us

There definitely is community here, though.  The elementary school had a great back to school night. Complete with water slides and a visit from the fire department.
20160809-_MG_2113 20160809-_MG_2115


Oh, and how could I forget the snowcones.


4 thoughts on “New House”

  1. So funny that we moved the same time as you AND we had a leak right after moving in as well! Glad you guys are getting settled. Looks lovely!

  2. I know that there is always an adjustment with a new home and environment
    – so thrilled that things are going so well- You are such an amazing family- you will be immersed in the community in no time- Wishing you all the very best! xoxoxoxo

  3. I live in the KC area. I have a 4-year old son who was adopted and has sensory processing disorder. How were you able to get services for him through the school district? Ours has said he needs to have multiple special needs in order to qualify. We have been driving weekly for occupational therapy to Children’s Mercy, which is an hour each way for us. I would appreciate any advice. Btw I was praying for Gus on RR before your family committed to him. I was so happy to see him come home.

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