Welcome to “a Moose in Moscow”. Formerly “Team (Our Last name) blog”. This blog started out as our journey to become a family by adopting 2 children from Ukraine. Now, it’s about our life as a family of 5. Adoption, parenting, advocating for the children left behind, our faith, but most of all our daily lives.

I blog to share our lives. Adoption is an beautiful, messy experience and motherhood is by far the hardest thing I’ve ever done, but also the most rewarding.

IMGP9163 copy
This is a very accurate depiction of our family. Except perhaps that the boys should be running away. And I should be tearing my hair out.

Reed and Lena were adopted from Donetsk, Ukraine in December 2010. Reed was almost 4 years old and Lena turned 3 years old while we were in Ukraine.


We adopted Gus from Moscow, Russia in July 2012. He was 17 months old.
molly&gus flat2e

And, I can’t share about our family without mentioning these 3. Cache, Nina and Josie. The most patient members of our family.


3 thoughts on “Who?”

  1. Oh my. Your kiddos are too gorgeous for words. 🙂
    (and I’m loving those beautiful weims you have as well) What a wonderful family you have Molly!

  2. Aww… so glad you were able to get your baby out of Moscow that year, since Moscow Passed the Bill banning U.S. Adoptions in Dec 2012. We also adopted from Ukraine, Lugansk (Donbass Region). I cry for what has happened there now! Blessings!

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