The Boat Race

Two years ago, I shared about a boat race that the kids and their cousins participated in. Unfortunately, we missed it last year, as we weren’t on the East Coast yet, but we were excited to do it again this year.

The kids start off with decorating a boat.


Reed’s was “Reed’s Revenge” since he didn’t win last time.


Gus decided that he didn’t really want to drawn on it himself, but he wanted to tell me what to draw. A rainbow, clouds, his name, and then… everything. That’s what he wanted, “everything”. I did my best.

My super talented nephew working on his boat.

That actual boat race was a tiny bit chaotic, especially for my oldest nephew, who volunteered to be the one catching the boats at the end. But, it was a fun experience overall and the kids loved playing with their boats in the water.

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