Going to the Dance Farm

We had family reunion number two this past weekend… or as Lena calls it “the dance farm”. This family reunion is a big deal. Over 200 people show up for this one night. And, I think it’s the highlight of my kids’ summer.

On the way, we always stop at an old-fashioned drive-in (celebrating it’s 50th year!) where we get burgers.

The reunion is on a beautiful farm.

Dinner is first. A lot of food is eaten over the course of the weekend.

Then there’s some time where people talk… or kids run around and play games.

Eventually, we all make our way into the barn.

And square dancing begins. My niece and her friend (also distant relative) made up a game of running through the square dancing groups.

My nephew found a frog, which is a reoccurring theme of our 2014 Family reunions.

The evening goes late with lots of dancing. At the end, they try to rope everyone in for dancing. Although Big L had declined 3 offers to dance, my sister talked to her into it at the end of the night.

I think she really enjoyed her first reunion experience. And that’s Gus on the right, throwing dirt.


…and as if you aren’t tired of hearing about our family reunions yet, there is a day 2, which I’ll share about tomorrow!

3 thoughts on “Going to the Dance Farm”

  1. You guys are blessed with such a lovely family 🙂

    (Molly, I’m not sure but I think you may have mistakenly used Big L’s name in this post. Just wanted to point it out in case you were unaware and want to remove it.)

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