Family Reunion #1

We have two family reunions to go to this summer and the first was this weekend. It was a “first annual” reunion. A pretty small one with my mom’s side of the family– aunts, uncles and cousins.

It was at my aunt and uncle’s house, about an hour away. They have a property which is wonderful for adventure, with a treehouse and a pond. And a large house and patio for the adults.

There were 13 kids there. The littlest guy on the left, up to 14 years old.

One of my nephews caught a frog. And a snake. And who knows what else.

I don’t often think about what could have been in my kids’ future, but there is something really beautiful about seeing my kids surrounded by family. Family who has embraced them and loves them. My kids don’t give it one second thought and they shouldn’t. But, it overwhelms me to know how loved they are. And how fortunate we are to have a family who loves adoption as much as we do.

Left is cousins on the tire swing together. Right is cousins + 2 of my cousin’s girls on the tire swing together.

Lena made a friend, one of my cousin’s daughters. She is only 3. They were both dressed in all pink, but Lena had darker pink on the bottom and her new friend, C, had darker pink on the top. Too cute.


One of my nephews, 11 years old, announced that he loves family reunions. I think we’d all agree! We had a great weekend.

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