This huge family reunion is a two day affair. Day two involves splitting off into smaller branches.

But, we start our morning off with breakfast with my immediate family– my sister and her family, plus my mom of course.

Then, we head out to another farm. Also gorgeous.

This day was harder. It meant saying goodbye to my sister and her family who Big L has grown close to over the past few weeks. Of course, for my kids, it also meant saying goodbye to their cousins and for me, it meant saying goodbye to my sister, niece and nephews. That’s an awful lot of goodbyes to people we love a whole lot.

Big L wanted pictures with both my sister and her husband. They have spent quite a bit of time with her and been wonderful with her.

Big L has really enjoyed her time with my two oldest nephews. The younger one is just a few months younger than her and the older is a few years older.
They’re great boys and I’m a dorky, proud aunt.

The girls on the left– my niece, and my two Ls. And on the right, Lena and my oldest nephew. It was too sweet not to share.

Fortunately, Big L will get to see them again just before she goes “home” at the end of August, just for about a day. We are missing these folks a lot!

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