Fair Fun

We got home from our family fun to many surprises. We found that my friend Danae had stopped by…

I blurred out Big L’s name. This is the view from her window right now.

We went to the county fair together with Danae and her family.

Danae and her family are like family to us. And, we’re also certain that those two on the left will get married someday, so we can legally be family, too. Except we’ll be the kind of in-laws who love spending time together.

Big L got her first taste of being in the Midwest. Posing on farm equipment and watching a tractor pull.

Watching the tractor pull, in gorgeous light.

Danae said, “she’s going to think [our state] is crazy!” Yes, yes, she is. Although, it might be the right kind of crazy for her, considering she was posing with farm equipment and sheep within her first week. Her choice.

She also pretty much hit it off with Danae, which makes me happy, too. Two awesome people.

So, we hung out at the fair all evening. The kids even rode a few rides.

Actually, Gus and Reed rode this one 3 times. Yup, 3 times. Reed also ran into his best friend from school and got to go on it with him, which made Reed pretty happy.

Lena tried it once and was not too sure.

Big L wanted to go on the tilt-a-whirl, but none of us really had the stomach to go on with her. So, Danae volunteered her husband, which worked out perfectly!

We had such a fun night. Thank you to Danae for treating the kids to some extra rides. It was a blast!

One thought on “Fair Fun”

  1. I have to tell you that Big L looks younger. She looks more innocent somehow. Not that she didn’t look it to start with, she just looks like a pure and happy child. I am not finding the right words, but i Can just tell such a positive change 🙂

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