Blogging… yeah

Someone finally told me to blog, so here I am. I’ve been meaning to update, but that just doesn’t happen. There is something about having 3 kids that makes my time seem to disappear. Ha, actually, there’s something about Gus that seems to make time disappear!


This face? Yes, absolutely this face.

If someone can convince him to just cut back on his need to get filthy, I will have much more time to blog.

We have had a busy summer. We spent 6 weeks with my family on the East Coast. Aaron stayed home with the dogs and I went with the kids.

They got to spend time with their 6 cousins, which was pretty much the best time for everyone.



Girly had these crazy double sets of teeth.


But, she lost her first tooth, so we’re down to just one extra.
_MG_7653 - Version 2

She also learned how to ride a two wheel bike. She borrowed her cousin’s balance bike for awhile, then just took off.

We spent our last weekend with my family at my family reunion. The last time that I went was the summer when we were in the process to adopt Reed and Lena. I blogged about the reunion and my niece’s sweet interest in Lena’s photo back then. 

It was a lot of fun to go with the kids and everyone seemed to have a great time.


Quite possibly the sweetest horse I’ve ever met. He bent down so each of the kids, even my tiniest one, could stroke him.

The photos have been a little Gus and Lena heavy, so here is one of Reed, being Reed.

And here’s a photo of a dog. Who wants to guess which dog that is?


Now, we’re back home. School starts next week! Wow.

I’m thinking of transitioning to writing a bit more about stuff besides my kids and adoption. I’m not sure about the details about what I will be blogging about and when I will ever get around to it. Maybe.

Also, in the meantime, to get your fix of our Moose, I created a Facebook page. I use Facebook way more than WordPress because it’s fast and easy. I will try to update that a bit more regularly, so come and like it! There’s a button to the right.

3 thoughts on “Blogging… yeah”

  1. Thank you 🙂 It is always such a pleasure to see how happy your children are. Interested in your new blog topics…I will keep an eye out.

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