Gus’s First Camping Trip

Gus went on his first mini-camping trip. Reed and Lena were at their grandparents, so they missed out, but we had fun!


Dude just wanted to hang out in the car while we set everything up. For the record, he has a rear facing car seat– he was just checking out the back seats, because he never gets a chance to do that.

Dogs came along, too.


The dragonflies were unreal. Huge and everywhere!


Little man, ready to sleep in a tent. He was not so sure about that.


This what happens when I can’t sleep– experimenting with night photography!

Little man, up and ready to go this morning.

4 thoughts on “Gus’s First Camping Trip”

  1. я из России! у нас дети тоже из 7-го дома ребенка! спасибо, что делитесь частью своей жизни и показываете детей! вы Молодец:)

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