Red & Purple

I have a niece, who we call Violet. Last week, my mom put up pictures of Scarlett and Reed in her house, and Violet comes over and looks at them. Then, she asks my sister what their names are. When my sister told Violet that we were planning to name Erika Scarlett, she told my sister that she does not like that name! So, my sister told Violet that if she wanted to call Scarlett Red, that would be fine, but then Scarlett could call her Purple!

Now, Scarlett and Reed are Reed and Red.

Violet seems excited about her new cousin and playmate. This weekend, I took a short trip out to Pennsylvania for a family reunion. Before I left, I made up a stack of cards with Reed and Scarlett’s photos, and our contact information. Violet took one from me on the first night and carried it around with her. At the reunion, she took another photo and carried it around with her. A couple of times, I caught her staring at the photo.

“I was not staring at their photo!”

My sister told me that Violet also thought that Red would be coming with me on this trip and she was disappointed when she realized that she would not be. She asked my sister what kind of dress she would wear when she came to visit.

I’m glad to have family who is excited about Reed and Scarlett!

How cute are these shirts on Reed and Scarlett’s cousins?

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