Still waiting

One of the hardest things we’ve done so far for this adoption was pick the Scarlett/Erika and Reed/Ilya. No, picking them wasn’t the hard part, it was not picking all the other waiting children. I wanted to share some of the other beautiful children looking for their perfect family.

When we first decided that we were going to adopt, there were two little girls who stuck out to me, one being Scarlett/Erika. The other was Nora… 

Her messy blonde hair and pretty blue eyes remind me of my niece. I am also pretty sure that I tried to convince my sister to name my niece Nora. And she was born the same year as my niece (2005). Nora is HIV+.  

When we had to chose another little boy, after Quinn was taken into foster care, I logically thought James would be a good choice. He is only a few months younger than Quinn, very cute and described as easy going. But, he just didn’t feel like the right little boy, if that makes sense.

James was born July 25, 2006. A missionary who visited him in March described him, “This little boy is a sweet kid. He seems to get along with everybody and he’s just generally very easy going. He’s fun and he goes with the flow.” James is also HIV+. 

Marat breaks my heart everytime I see his photo.

He is 12 years old, and described as very smart. He looks like such a sweet kid. He is also HIV+.

Berkeley stood out from one of the first times I ever looked at RR, over a year ago. I think she just looks so happy and sweet– the kind of person you just want to be around!

Her medical records indicate clubbed feet, strabismus(crossed eye), hydrocephaly, & hypoplasia of her right kidney. She is described as very kind and has many friends. 

There are so many more beautiful children listed at Reece’s Rainbow. Please contact Andrea if you are interested in adding any one of them to your family.

2 thoughts on “Still waiting”

  1. I LOVE them all, but Nora has stolen our hearts. We would adopt her in a heartbeat. Yet we have no one to watch our kids for travel. We have no money and I am fairly certain we can't get a homestudy approved.

  2. Wife to the Rockstar – maybe I should contact you directly, but only one of you needs to travel! You can adopt from this country using the "Married Individual" status so that only one parent needs to travel. Definitely don't let $ stop you!!

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