Photo Fundraiser, Take 2

Our fundraiser is the weekend of August 7th and 8th. The sessions on the 7th will be in Kansas City and the sessions on the 8th will be in locally. All you local folks should sign up; it will be a blast! And I’m baking cupcakes. Even if you don’t love photos, maybe you love cupcakes? Maybe I’ll have a little bake sale along with it, cupcakes are free for families being photographed, $1 for everyone else!

Photo Fundraiser, Take 2

My specialty is Red Velvet, but I take (and bake!) requests.

2 thoughts on “Photo Fundraiser, Take 2”

  1. I do love your Red Velvet cupcakes, they are delicious! I'm excited about the photo fundraiser anyway – this is just a great bonus!!

  2. I know you won't post this in your blog but you can just reply to me…Where at in KC? I may still be out of town that night (visiting the grandparents before school starts).Those cupcakes look yummy too! What a great idea!

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