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Moose Gifts Christmas Shop (Bracelets, Shirts, Prints and Notecards)

I’ve had several people ask me– do you still have MudLOVE bracelets? Do you have a list of what’s available? Do you have any more shirts? So, introducing our Christmas Shop. All proceeds go directly to our hosting fees to bring Big L back, in fact, I’ll have you donate right to our Razoo account (although arrangements can be made for Paypal if needed). I have:

Here’s how this works:

  1.  Check out the list below and decide what you want to buy. If you know what you’re looking for, you can use the links above to navigate this super long post a bit easier.
  2. Shoot me an email( with your order or any questions that you have.
  3. I recommend that you wait for me to reply and confirm that I still have those items in stock. I will confirm that and remove them from this list.
  4. Pay for your order on via this Razoo link.
  5. I will ship your order on the next business day.

Prices for all items are noted at the top of the list. Prices include shipping with the US for First Class Mail. I am happy to ship outside the US, so please email me with your address and I will get you a quote.

Word Bracelets

($12 for 1 or $10/each for more than 1)


  • abide – Blue
  • abide – Pink
  • abide – Purple
  • beloved – Light Green
  • beloved – Orange
  • best friends – Blue
  • best friends – Turquoise
  • best friends – Light Green
  • best friends – Purple
  • be still – Gray
  • be still – Brown
  • be still – Light Green
  • be still – black
  • be the change – White
  • be the change – Orange
  • be the change – Pink
  • be the change – Yellow
  • be the change – Light Green
  • be the change – Black
  • beautiful – gray
  • beautiful – orange
  • beautiful – black
  • beautiful – light green
  • blessed – purple
  • blessed – light green
  • carpe diem – White
  • carpe diem – Orange
  • carpe diem – Dark Green
  • courage – yellow
  • courage – pink
  • courage – white
  • courage – light green
  • courage – burgundy
  • courage – gray
  • determined – Dark Green
  • determined – Orange
  • dream – Turquoise
  • dream – Pink
  • dream – Gray
  • dream – Light Green
  • faith – dark green
  • faith – orange
  • forever – Pink
  • forever – Turquoise
  • forgiven – Pink
  • forgiven- Brown
  • forgiven – Gray
  • grace – Orange
  • grace – Gray
  • grace – Black
  • grace – Navy Blue
  • hope – Gray
  • hope – Light Green
  • hope – Orange
  • inspire – Black
  • inspire – Green
  • joy – Black
  • joy – Brown
  • joy – Green
  • joy – Orange
  • justice – Pink
  • justice – Orange
  • justice – Gray
  • laugh – black
  • laugh – navy blue
  • laugh – gray
  • laugh – orange
  • laugh – light green
  • live- Orange
  • live – Green
  • live – Pink
  • love – Pink
  • love – Black
  • loved – Turquoise
  • loved – Brown
  • loved – Black
  • loved – Light Green
  • never give up – orange
  • overcome – light green
  • overcome – black
  • passion – black
  • passion – light green
  • passion – brown
  • Proverbs 31 – yellow
  • Proverbs 31 – turquoise
  • Proverbs 31 – light green
  • Proverbs 31 – pink
  • run – white
  • run – orange
  • run – light green
  • run – dark green
  • run – black
  • set free – gray
  • set free – light green
  • set free – pink
  • sing – pink
  • sing – orange
  • sisters – light green
  • sisters – yellow
  • sisters – pink
  • sisters – black
  • smile:) – gray
  • smile:) – dark green
  • smile:) – orange
  • smile:) –  navy blue
  • strength – blue
  • strength – purple
  • trust – burgundy
  • trust – light green x 2
  • trust – pink
  • trust – brown
  • worship – pink
  • worship – turquoise
  • WWJD – light green
  • WWJD – yellow
  • Yahweh – yellow
  • Yahweh – blue
  • Yahweh – pink
  • Yahweh – brown

Animal Bracelets

($14 for 1 or $12/each for more than 1)


  • chimpanzee – dark green
  • chimpanzee – pink
  • chimpanzee – gray
  • chimpanzee – navy blue
  • frog – gray
  • frog – pink
  • frog – orange
  • giraffe – pink
  • giraffe – orange
  • giraffe – red
  • giraffe – light green
  • giraffe – black
  • horse – navy blue
  • horse – turquoise
  • horse – yellow
  • horse – light green
  • horse – orange
  • horse – gray
  • horse – black
  • lion – pink
  • lion – orange
  • lion – black
  • lion – dark green
  • owl – yellow
  • owl – dark green
  • owl – gray
  • owl – light green
  • owl – orange
  • owl – black
  • owl – white
  • owl – pink
  • owl – navy blue
  • stegosaurus – black
  • stegosaurus – pink
  • turtle – pink
  • turtle – turquoise
  • turtle – brown
  • turtle – red
  • zebra – pink
  • zebra – yellow
  • zebra – turquoise


(crewneck = $20 shipped, vneck = $22 shipped)

Molly Parker Shirt2 (3) Tips about sizing: These are unisex sizes. The crewneck (not the vneck) are a little less “generous” than regular shirts, so you may want to size up if you are between sizes.

  • medium – crewneck
  • extra large – crewneck x 3
  • medium – vneck x 2
  • large – vneck


I have just a few prints left in stock from our spring sale. Blossom – 8×10, $12 shipped 1932701_1475184199378176_7715344553547775776_o Morning Light 5×7, $8 shipped (3 available) 8×10, $12 shipped (2 available) 10250055_1475181526045110_1365307562262164955_n Blood Moon – 8×12, $15 shipped (2 available) 10178055_1475179192712010_8665253073469182955_n


($12 per set of 5)

These notecards are blank inside. They’re perfect for nearly any kind of note that you need to send– thank you notes, thinking of you, etc. Most of these are sets of 5 different cards and the collage shows the 5 images included in the set. Colorful Set (2 available) 10372596_1491000731129856_11372613881034127_n April Set (5 available) 10313572_1491000737796522_6704526852577305620_n Floral Set (4 available) 10366037_1491000764463186_770919198108604714_n Miscellaneous Set (4 available) 10390031_1491000767796519_257010726873824626_n All Seasons Set (4 available) 10402690_1491000771129852_4550596801458995871_n-1 Pink and Purple Set (2 available) 10313999_1491000794463183_3766218419709280831_n Morning Light – all 5 the same (2 available) 10365788_1491027574460505_7891645515760061236_n April Showers – all 5 the same (2 available) 10292483_1491029247793671_33850438470784251_n Best Buds – all 5 the same (1 available) 10361456_1491027641127165_2834793621074247242_n Thanks for looking. 🙂

Fundraising: A Family Affair

Getting the box of MudLOVE bracelets was a bit… overwhelming. But, I generally just like to tackle things right away, so I had the box open and bracelets dumped out pretty quickly, going through them to sort all of the pre-orders.

However, before shipping, I wanted Aaron to double check them for me and make sure that I hadn’t overlooked anything.

Reed and Lena were pretty fascinated with how the bracelets had overtaken our dining room table and it wasn’t long before they asked if they could help, too.

Reed was placed in charge of cutting bubble wrap into smaller pieces.


Lena was placed in charge of getting the labels from the printer and cutting them out.

Gus was given the very important job of not causing trouble. Which is easier said than done for him.

I also asked Reed and Lena to help me write little “thank yous” to pack with the bracelets. We started these a bit later in our packing, so I’m sorry if your package only has a note from me! The “tkank you” and their efforts to decorate each of them uniquely was just so cute.

I still do have lots and lots of MudLOVE bracelets, so let me know if you are interested! Tkank you note included.


Our sweet host girl will not be here for another 43 days (not that I’m counting), but we have so much to do to prepare for her arrival.

Of course, at the top of the list is fundraising. We have $1120 left, plus the additional cost of her flight to our airport.

Two quick FYIs:

  1. Our auction ends tomorrow at 10am PST. Please go check it out and bid!
  2. I added some new photos this week AND I’ll be sending print orders to the lab tomorrow as well. If you’ve been thinking about ordering, now is a great time! Here’s the link to Moose Prints. 

If you’d just like to donate, here’s a link for that as well.

So, what else do we have to do?

Well, hosting involves a bit of paperwork. Not too bad compared to a Russian adoption, but a bit. There’s also a lot of training that goes along with it. There is much required and recommended reading, and then we’ll also have a full day of training in June.

We also have to prepare her room. We are fortunate to have a guest bedroom, but it is set up for an adult guest. We’d like to do a few things to make it better suited for a pre-teen. And shopping– wow. She will very likely come with only the clothes on her back, so we need to get some clothes for her, as well as a toy or two. We may try to get her a bicycle as well, as bikes are a common summer activity here. Of course, the challenge is that she’ll have to learn how to ride it, too!

Lastly, we’re just prepping ourselves. We recently started a new devotional with the kids, a routine that we know will be an important routine to include her in when she is here. And praying, praying that we will be prepared to welcome her here and that she will be prepared to let us into her life.

Any great advice from previous host families on how to prepare?

Made with Love

Reed and Lena wanted to do their own fundraiser. Okay, so maybe it wasn’t their idea, but they were really excited about it when I asked them about it. They picked out the colors and the shapes for these Christmas ornaments and painted them, too. I did a few of them– any of the ones with stripes and the KU one. But the rest was all Reed and Lena.

Do you need a little ornament made with lots of love this holiday season or know someone who does? We are sending these out for a donation… $5-$10 is the suggestion.




Apples… for your favorite teacher?

If you’d like to purchase one, you can make a donation to the shirts for Helen chip-in at the right and email me your shape and/or color preference, along with your shipping address. I will be shipping them out until next Thursday and then I will not be able to ship them again until the first week of December.

Thank you!


We got our shirts today. I’m sorry it took so long, but here is a bit more about sizes and stuff from our experience…

Here is what we are wearing:
Lena- 3T. She is about 36″ and 28lbs.
Reed- 5/6. He is about 42″ and about 40lbs.
Me- Adult Small. I am not going to share my height and weight, but I can tell you this shirt fits very typically for an Adult Small.
Aaron- Adult Medium. Again, fits like most other adult mediums.

The kids’ shirts DO run small. About a size at the most. Lena usually wears 2T shirts and Reed is between a 4T and a 5T. The brand is Rabbit Skins. We have some other shirts from this brand, and they also run small.

This is how we started off our photos. I asked her what was wrong and she told me, “Weeeed.” “What about Reed?” “He dancing.” “He can dance if he wants to.” Then I started singing Safety Dance.

This was not posed. He is naturally that heroic looking.

It’s safe to dance.

We can dance!

Everything’s out of control!

We can dance!

I have decided I have enough self esteem to post this photo on the internet.

Yeah, way to miss out on the fun there, Aaron.

Seeing the shirts in person, my favorite colors are black and blue. That being said, I always migrate towards blue and neutrals anyways as they are more universally flattering, but I think those two look really slick with this design.

Go buy a shirt and be cool like us! You can check out this link for details, but they will be on sale until November 29th and then will ship around the middle of December so you will have them by Christmas.

One more thing, we will have a private blog while we are traveling again. If I definitely know your email address, you can just leave me a comment asking to follow or you can shoot me an email, either via the Jot Form or my email address, listed at the right.

Super Shirts!– ENDED

The Superman Shirts are now for pre-order. I will be taking orders until November 29th and then I will order all of the shirts, so you can have them by Christmas. They will ship the week of December 12th.


I would like to sell AT LEAST 100. Think we can do it? I have exactly 100 blog followers right now, so if each one of them bough a shirt, we’d be there. I know not everyone can or will buy a shirt, but I know that some of you will buy two or more!
The shirts come in:



6 month
12 month
18 month
24 month
Youth X-Small
Youth Small
Youth Medium
Youth Large
Youth X-Large
Adult X-Small
Adult Small
Adult Medium
Adult Large
Adult X-Large
Adult XX-Large
Adult XXX-Large
Infant, Toddler and Youth sizes run a bit small, so order a size up. I have ordered shirts for our family to sample, and have not received them yet. When I receive them, I will have a better idea of how they fit and will update you all.
How to order: You can purchase two different ways, either via the chip-in on the right side OR through my Etsy store. Whichever way you purchase, please include your shirt size and color choice.
If ordering through the chip-in, shirts are $18 for 6 month through Adult X-Large. Adult XX-Large and Adult XXX-Large are $20. Shipping is $2 per shirt within the US.  If you are ordering 3 or more or live outside the US, contact me so that I can calculate the shipping cost. Please email me or leave a comment on my blog telling me what size and color you need. I cannot see the comments on the chip-in, but I can see your name, email and how much you paid.
Please let me know if you have any questions! Thank you for helping us bring Helen home!