Fundraising: A Family Affair

Getting the box of MudLOVE bracelets was a bit… overwhelming. But, I generally just like to tackle things right away, so I had the box open and bracelets dumped out pretty quickly, going through them to sort all of the pre-orders.

However, before shipping, I wanted Aaron to double check them for me and make sure that I hadn’t overlooked anything.

Reed and Lena were pretty fascinated with how the bracelets had overtaken our dining room table and it wasn’t long before they asked if they could help, too.

Reed was placed in charge of cutting bubble wrap into smaller pieces.


Lena was placed in charge of getting the labels from the printer and cutting them out.

Gus was given the very important job of not causing trouble. Which is easier said than done for him.

I also asked Reed and Lena to help me write little “thank yous” to pack with the bracelets. We started these a bit later in our packing, so I’m sorry if your package only has a note from me! The “tkank you” and their efforts to decorate each of them uniquely was just so cute.

I still do have lots and lots of MudLOVE bracelets, so let me know if you are interested! Tkank you note included.

One thought on “Fundraising: A Family Affair”

  1. Would you ship to Europe? If so, how much extra would it cost?
    I like a few of the bracelets, but I guess it would cost a bit too much to have them sent here…

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