Made with Love

Reed and Lena wanted to do their own fundraiser. Okay, so maybe it wasn’t their idea, but they were really excited about it when I asked them about it. They picked out the colors and the shapes for these Christmas ornaments and painted them, too. I did a few of them– any of the ones with stripes and the KU one. But the rest was all Reed and Lena.

Do you need a little ornament made with lots of love this holiday season or know someone who does? We are sending these out for a donation… $5-$10 is the suggestion.




Apples… for your favorite teacher?

If you’d like to purchase one, you can make a donation to the shirts for Helen chip-in at the right and email me your shape and/or color preference, along with your shipping address. I will be shipping them out until next Thursday and then I will not be able to ship them again until the first week of December.

Thank you!

2 thoughts on “Made with Love”

  1. What a fun idea!! I plan to buy one but will wait until our fundraiser (yard sale) tomorrow. If we get rained out, I will truly not have anything to donate a part of. 😦 Kudos to a creative and fun way to fundraise…and a way to involve the children. Love it!Cynthia

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