We got our shirts today. I’m sorry it took so long, but here is a bit more about sizes and stuff from our experience…

Here is what we are wearing:
Lena- 3T. She is about 36″ and 28lbs.
Reed- 5/6. He is about 42″ and about 40lbs.
Me- Adult Small. I am not going to share my height and weight, but I can tell you this shirt fits very typically for an Adult Small.
Aaron- Adult Medium. Again, fits like most other adult mediums.

The kids’ shirts DO run small. About a size at the most. Lena usually wears 2T shirts and Reed is between a 4T and a 5T. The brand is Rabbit Skins. We have some other shirts from this brand, and they also run small.

This is how we started off our photos. I asked her what was wrong and she told me, “Weeeed.” “What about Reed?” “He dancing.” “He can dance if he wants to.” Then I started singing Safety Dance.

This was not posed. He is naturally that heroic looking.

It’s safe to dance.

We can dance!

Everything’s out of control!

We can dance!

I have decided I have enough self esteem to post this photo on the internet.

Yeah, way to miss out on the fun there, Aaron.

Seeing the shirts in person, my favorite colors are black and blue. That being said, I always migrate towards blue and neutrals anyways as they are more universally flattering, but I think those two look really slick with this design.

Go buy a shirt and be cool like us! You can check out this link for details, but they will be on sale until November 29th and then will ship around the middle of December so you will have them by Christmas.

One more thing, we will have a private blog while we are traveling again. If I definitely know your email address, you can just leave me a comment asking to follow or you can shoot me an email, either via the Jot Form or my email address, listed at the right.

14 thoughts on “Shirt Photos!– SHIRT SALE ENDED”

  1. love the shirts. wish I could assist on the dog sitting, but Haze in really really not good with other dogs (including Junie somedays) 😦 I will ask around though…

  2. I'd love to follow your blog, and we're a bit east of NYC, but we'd watch a dog if youre in a pickle… as long as they wont chew my couch ;)Just Another Day In Paradise (who cant post comments)

  3. blog for me please! nobabynoblog at gmail dot com. I know I definitely want a shirt. Just not sure what size yet. I wish I could watch the doggies, but mine isn't doing so hot right now 😦 I think we're near the end with him. Also, I assume the above comment is your mom. Not mine. Right? Cuz that would be weird if it was my mom. 😛

  4. yes please to adding me to your blog. if i were closer i would totally watch the pups for you! sadly no more travel for me, otherwise i would totally house sit 😀 btw, i am soo very excited for you guys! please let me know if i can do anything for you 🙂

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