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Thawing Out

The weather has warmed up a bit here. All of that snow is melting, and I am happy.

Yesterday, I took the dogs out to the dog park. If you’ve ever been to a dog park most places… well, our dog park is not like that. 30 acres of fields and woods. No fences. This picture about sums it up.

I came home to find my children up in a tree. I love this. Outside, climbing, together.

Toddlers are fast. Gus especially.

This is not a wonderful picture, but he’s been doing this a lot lately. Driving his cars on the dogs. Our dogs are so good with him.

Again, toddlers are fast. I wanted to snap a picture of him giving a hug to Lena, but I could barely take it before he was gone. When I asked him to hug her again, he gave me this face.

If you’re wondering why he really needs his face wiped off, I’ll tell you one more time: toddlers are fast.

Valentine’s Day

We didn’t make a big deal out of Valentine’s Day. Of course, the kids have a little party at school, which we got Valentine’s Day cards for. They wrote the names on all of their cards themselves, which was good, but did require a bit of hand holding.

I made this for Aaron for Valentine’s Day. I was inspired by some similar items I saw on Etsy like this and this, but it was a very last minute decision to make it, and I didn’t want to spend much money. I actually think it was good it was so last minute, because I ended up being able to figure it out with stuff we already had. Don’t study the map in too much detail, but I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.

More Snow

We got a tiny bit more snow today. Less than an inch this time.

Confession: I was actually excited when Aaron told me it was snowing. Because, I wanted to try snowflake photography.

I’ve been feeling really inspired by all of the snowflake photos I’ve seen and bought a set of inexpensive extension tubes.



My thoughts on extension tubes: Fun but CHALLENGING. I almost always use auto-focus, the main exception being star photography, where I need to manually focus to infinity, since it is far too dark to get the camera to focus. But, with cheap extension tubes, you must focus manually and the depth of field (space in focus) is incredibly shallow. And, snow is cold, blows away and melts if you aren’t careful. However, like star photography, I find that it gives me a different perspective on the world that I wouldn’t have if I didn’t pick up my camera. While I still prefer summer, there is much unappreciated beauty in tiny snowflakes.

Day 2

Today was the second snow day. It finished snowing sometime overnight and apparently, we got 14.5″.

It was sunny, but bitter cold. Aaron still managed to shovel our driveway. And, I took Gus outside for a few minutes of snow exploration.

He has the least winter gear of any of our kids, so his attire was a bit mis-matched, grabbing things of Lena’s as needed.


That face.
He was really pretty fascinated.


I couldn’t help but do this. Same toy, opposite weather. How I long for the heat of summer.

Gus really didn’t last long. It was fun, fun, fun, then “I want to go inside.” “Okay, just a minute, alright?” “NOW!!!!!!!”

I did have to come back out on my own for a few minutes to take pictures of some of the truly massive icicles which cover our house.

…winter won’t last forever, right?

Snow Day

We are getting slammed with snow. It’s up to our doggie door, 12.9″, and still coming down.

This is how the dogs feel about it:

Reed and Lena aren’t too thrilled to be missing two days of school in a row. I think everyone is a bit bored at home, after weeks of cold.

We did have some mandatory outside time today. I actually think they had some fun.

“It looks like our snow angels are holding hands!”


I was there, too.


Someone noticed that Reed’s very chapped lips are gone. Yup. There was no magic cream and I didn’t somehow get him to stop licking his lips. I had an epiphany. A few years ago, he had a mild rash on the outer corners of his mouth. It popped up occasionally and I casually mentioned it to their doctor. It could be citrus related, he told me, but it wasn’t anything to be concerned about. When I remembered this, we asked him to try giving up clementines, which had been a staple of his diet, and it was nearly gone over night. Poor kid, I think he might rather have the rash and his clementines than go without, but he hasn’t complained.