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Summer is our busiest season of the year. I can be a hermit from September to April, but May to August is when the adventure happens. A lot of adventure.

We went camping twice in May– both just state parks within a few hours of us. I still need to blog about the second trip, which was our very worst camping trip ever.

June was out to Colorado to pick up N and enjoy Rocky Mountain National Park. 2015-06-30_0017

In July, we visited Aaron’s family in Missouri. I had a work trip in Wisconsin. Aaron and the kids drove out and met me in Illinois and then we headed East,¬†stopping for a few hours in Chicago, very briefly at Cuyahoga National Park (Ohio), a quick morning swim at Lake Erie (Ohio), an overnight in the incredible darkest spot east of the Mississippi, Cherry Springs State Park (Pennsylvania), and lastly at The Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania before we reached our destination in Eastern Pennsylvania. Whew. I needed a nap.

Chicago was a lot of fun. Through the adoption community, I have a made a wonderful friend, Amanda. She invited us over to her apartment for Chicago style pizza. Then we took the train to her office, which has an incredible view of the Chicago skyline.

We had so much fun with her. We just want to come back another time when we have more than a few hours for a real tour. Amanda was an awesome host and tour guide!

The next day, we stopped at Lake Erie for a quick swim.

Aaron and I had been looking forward to going to Cherry Springs State Park in Pennsylvania for months. It’s the only gold-rated (highest rated) dark sky park East of the Mississippi. They had an sky tour, where they used a laser pointer to talk about different constellations and we got to look through telescopes to see Venus, Saturn and Jupiter. Unfortunately, it was a bit cloudier than we’d hope, but we still were able to enjoy it.

(There are more photos from Cherry Springs on my photography Facebook page.)

The next day, we made a quick stop by the Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania. We found it to be a little bit underwhelming.

Just a few more hours of driving + one tunnel (always exciting) and we reached our destination.

We are now semi-unpacked here for a few weeks, enjoying family time!


If you’ve been reading A Moose in Moscow for awhile, you know that Lena’s first name is actually Scarlett. She is prefers to go by her birth name, which is also her middle name, Lena.

She dresses herself, which means that she comes up with some unique outfits. I’m always curious to see what she puts together. One day recently, she picked out a red shirt, a red sweater and red skinny jeans. Truly living up to her name.

When I asked her if I could take her outside to photograph this awesome outfit, she chose to add pink piggie socks and red glitter shoes.

I love this girl. She’s sweet.

And also very silly.

Lola’s Birthday

Lola, my mom, came to visit us at the end of March. Her last full day with us also happened to be her birthday. We wanted to do something fun and out of the ordinary.

First, we went to Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve.

It was a beautiful day to be outside.



I love hearing the birds… zoomed in really close and you can see this bird in her nest.

Our trip to the preserve was cut a bit short by children demanding lunch. We got barbeque at the same place that we took Andrei to.

Reed and Lena both made her cards.
Reed made his days in advance and really took his time. So sweet to see.

We finished off her birthday by getting dinner, one of Lola’s favorites, jambalaya, and watching the sunset. It was a good one.


Happy birthday, Lola! We love you.