Lola’s Birthday

Lola, my mom, came to visit us at the end of March. Her last full day with us also happened to be her birthday. We wanted to do something fun and out of the ordinary.

First, we went to Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve.

It was a beautiful day to be outside.



I love hearing the birds… zoomed in really close and you can see this bird in her nest.

Our trip to the preserve was cut a bit short by children demanding lunch. We got barbeque at the same place that we took Andrei to.

Reed and Lena both made her cards.
Reed made his days in advance and really took his time. So sweet to see.

We finished off her birthday by getting dinner, one of Lola’s favorites, jambalaya, and watching the sunset. It was a good one.


Happy birthday, Lola! We love you.

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