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Capturing October: Silly

This was hard. Not because silly is a hard thing to capture with kids, but because at the end of the day, I had so many pictures to go through. But, I decided to limit myself to just one. One photo that could stand alone to reflect that word, without explanation.


Reed and Gus played this morning as we waited for Lena to finish getting ready school.  I’m not sure what Gus did, but Reed told him, “That is really uncorrect.”

Then I noticed what was actually “uncorrect”… he had Gus’s pants on, as really tight, unzippable shorts. 12m pants, on my child who wears size 6 pants. Eeep.

“Skateboarding” on a toy truck, while wearing his little brother’s pants as shorts.

Up tomorrow: Afternoon…
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Capturing October: a photo challenge

For the month of October, my favorite month of crisp, beautiful fall, I am challenging myself to get out my camera every day. And, be intentional to capture some of my favorite things about fall, as well as forcing myself to get creative with my camera. And, while it’s short notice… you’re invited to join me!

Each day has a simple, open idea to capture. Really a starting place.

You don’t have to be a photographer. Or even own a camera. You just have to have something that takes pictures and be up for some fun.

If you have a blog, you can share your photos on there, you can share them on Instagram with #capturingoctober , or on my Facebook page. If you have a blog, I will post a blog roll on my right side bar.

So, who wants to join me?