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Changing Seasons


If you actually pay attention to my Photo 365 page, you’ll notice that I always write a “Must Capture” list for the upcoming month. I try to keep it pretty simple and apart from not getting out for star photos in February, I’ve done a fair job of meeting my goals.

One of my goals for March is to capture the “Changing Seasons”.

My mom informed me yesterday that my daffodils were blooming… shortly before we were supposed to get a “wintry mix”. That’s life in the Midwest. They often say “if you don’t like the weather, wait 5 minutes.”

I can’t lie– I really enjoyed capturing these. I took theseĀ using my extension tubes, like I did with the snowflakes.


I went out both before and during the “wintry mix”.


Bunny, probably as sick of winter as we are.


Thanks for making it through my photo overload!


Spring feels like it could be here. It was 81 today! I love, love, love these warm days. I’ve been spending more time outside and less time in front of my computer– sorry!



Warm days and playing outside make everyone happy and tired.



…but, it’s down to a low of 31 tonight, with that silly little flurry icon next to it. Oh well, it won’t last long now, right?