More Snow

We got a tiny bit more snow today. Less than an inch this time.

Confession: I was actually excited when Aaron told me it was snowing. Because, I wanted to try snowflake photography.

I’ve been feeling really inspired by all of the snowflake photos I’ve seen and bought a set of inexpensive extension tubes.



My thoughts on extension tubes: Fun but CHALLENGING. I almost always use auto-focus, the main exception being star photography, where I need to manually focus to infinity, since it is far too dark to get the camera to focus. But, with cheap extension tubes, you must focus manually and the depth of field (space in focus) is incredibly shallow. And, snow is cold, blows away and melts if you aren’t careful. However, like star photography, I find that it gives me a different perspective on the world that I wouldn’t have if I didn’t pick up my camera. While I still prefer summer, there is much unappreciated beauty in tiny snowflakes.

4 thoughts on “More Snow”

  1. Absolutely beautiful, and a good showing for your effort!!

    I’m getting into photography, but currently am using an iPhone 4s. Do you have any tips or recommendations on first cameras?

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