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March’s Photography Goals

So, March’s photography to-do list. I wanted to share what I did for each one, to hold myself account and share a few images i don’t want to do a full blog post on.

Changing Seasons

A couple of blog posts back, I covered the changing seasons part(here). I started my month off with pictures of the snow coating our back yard and ending it with a photo of pollen on a hyacinth.


This is another favorite of mine, although it didn’t make my photo-a-day calendar.

Okay, that’s covered.

Star Photography

Gah. I covered this one, but barely. It was more of an after-thought than taking my time and learning something from it.

I do love that bottom one, though.

Spring Break Fun

I think I did okay with this one. Sort of like the star photography, I could have been more intentional, but it still got done. Although we went on a trip for Spring Break, I wouldn’t call it out most exciting or adventurous trip ever (okay, not even close). It was fun, but in the wonderful, familiar way. We did attend a lovely “It’s Spring” party, which I documented in detail. However, most of these kids are NOT mine and I don’t share photos of other people’s kids without permission.

Maybe one of these days I’ll share more about our Spring Break.

Overall assessment: I think I did okay. Just okay. It got done, but I wish I had taken a bit more time to be intentional.

My Least Photographed Kid

Reed is my least photographed kid. For lots of reasons. We don’t spend as much time together as Gus and me. And, Lena loves the camera a bit more.

Still, we can have a lot of fun together. Especially when I just let him be himself and I try to capture who that is. I am finishing the Snapshots to Art Breakout Session from Clickin’ Moms. This is forcing me to focus on more intentional editing and also consider black and white. These images seemed to naturally lend themselves to that purpose.




(that untied shoe is one of my favorites. It’s very him for Spring 2014.)


I thought it might be interesting to also show you a couple of the same photos but in color. I can’t decide which I like more.

The End of March + Changes

March is over. Phew. Spring is REALLY here. That’s a happy thing.

You’ve probably noticed some changes to the look of A Moose in Moscow. If you haven’t already, well, maybe you’re not too observant. 😉 I’ve changed the overall look and I am doing some adding and rearranging of pages. Everything is still here, but you should notice that the pages are now in drop down menus. I hope to add a new category for each of our adoptions, with a page telling the entire story. But, that will take some time to put together.


I definitely need to do catch up and share more of my March photos.

April Must-Capture List:

  • At least 5 Objects that I touch everyday
  • April Showers (the rain kind)
  • Macro (taking photos of little things– like flowers)

Changing Seasons


If you actually pay attention to my Photo 365 page, you’ll notice that I always write a “Must Capture” list for the upcoming month. I try to keep it pretty simple and apart from not getting out for star photos in February, I’ve done a fair job of meeting my goals.

One of my goals for March is to capture the “Changing Seasons”.

My mom informed me yesterday that my daffodils were blooming… shortly before we were supposed to get a “wintry mix”. That’s life in the Midwest. They often say “if you don’t like the weather, wait 5 minutes.”

I can’t lie– I really enjoyed capturing these. I took these using my extension tubes, like I did with the snowflakes.


I went out both before and during the “wintry mix”.


Bunny, probably as sick of winter as we are.


Thanks for making it through my photo overload!