March’s Photography Goals

So, March’s photography to-do list. I wanted to share what I did for each one, to hold myself account and share a few images i don’t want to do a full blog post on.

Changing Seasons

A couple of blog posts back, I covered the changing seasons part(here). I started my month off with pictures of the snow coating our back yard and ending it with a photo of pollen on a hyacinth.


This is another favorite of mine, although it didn’t make my photo-a-day calendar.

Okay, that’s covered.

Star Photography

Gah. I covered this one, but barely. It was more of an after-thought than taking my time and learning something from it.

I do love that bottom one, though.

Spring Break Fun

I think I did okay with this one. Sort of like the star photography, I could have been more intentional, but it still got done. Although we went on a trip for Spring Break, I wouldn’t call it out most exciting or adventurous trip ever (okay, not even close). It was fun, but in the wonderful, familiar way. We did attend a lovely “It’s Spring” party, which I documented in detail. However, most of these kids are NOT mine and I don’t share photos of other people’s kids without permission.

Maybe one of these days I’ll share more about our Spring Break.

Overall assessment: I think I did okay. Just okay. It got done, but I wish I had taken a bit more time to be intentional.

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