Thawing Out

The weather has warmed up a bit here. All of that snow is melting, and I am happy.

Yesterday, I took the dogs out to the dog park. If you’ve ever been to a dog park most places… well, our dog park is not like that. 30 acres of fields and woods. No fences. This picture about sums it up.

I came home to find my children up in a tree. I love this. Outside, climbing, together.

Toddlers are fast. Gus especially.

This is not a wonderful picture, but he’s been doing this a lot lately. Driving his cars on the dogs. Our dogs are so good with him.

Again, toddlers are fast. I wanted to snap a picture of him giving a hug to Lena, but I could barely take it before he was gone. When I asked him to hug her again, he gave me this face.

If you’re wondering why he really needs his face wiped off, I’ll tell you one more time: toddlers are fast.

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