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Project 365- Day 2

I got the idea this weekend that I wanted to do a little gallery for the kids’ artwork.  I grabbed every extra frame from around our house and spray painted it. Some of them had broken glass, so they were just laying around. In those ones, I put cork, so the kids can hang up things they just made. The big black thing is a chalkboard that Aaron built for them to color on as well. This is a really terrible camera phone photo, but it gives you some idea.

2012-01-02 18.10.01

The Room, Part 2

I’ll answer some of the questions we’ve been asked about the room and show a photo of Reed’s bed, as requested by my mom.


The bookcase was built by Aaron with plans from Knock-Off Wood. He modified the plans a bit to use what we had on hand, so ours is a bit wider and more narrower than her plans. The base is also different. Both it and Scarlett’s dresser were painted with a can of mis-tint paint from Ace Hardware. The bookcase is a knock-off of a Pottery Barn bookrack.

Both “quilts” were made by me. They’re not real quilts, as they lack batting and actual quilting. Just a simple pillowcase style blanket, topstitched over. The fabric is Moda’s 5 Funky Monkey fabric, mixed
in with fabrics from Hobby Lobby and Hancock Fabrics. They also both have fleece blankets on their beds, made from a big piece of fleece cut with a scalloped rotary cutter. Nothing special, but a lot cheaper than buying blankets of the same size at Target!

The giant ruler growth chart is an free file you can download online modge-podged onto some scrap wood. We’re planning to take photos of Reed and Scarlett weekly or monthly in front of it once they get home to track how they’re growing and changing.

The dolls are from Becky’s Etsy shop. I love these little dolls!