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Merry Christmas!

Ah, Christmas. I told the kids that they weren’t allowed to get up until it was light out. Of course, they were downstairs the second any sunlight came in their windows.


My favorite memories of 2013 present-opening:

  • Reed and Lena handed out gifts. When they tried to give Gus one of his, he just said “no”. They had a brief stand-off, where they tried to hand it to him repeatedly, and he kept calmly saying “no”. Until I finally told them to just set it down and he’d open the rest of his gifts later.
  • Another was when he opened his Yo Gabba Gabba DVD and stared at the case in wonder and confusion for about one whole minute. Finally, he smiled.
  • Reed and Lena exclaimed “all of our pictures!” when they looked at their photo albums that I had made from one cent Snapfish pictures and dollar store albums. They took time to look through them before moving on to the next gift.
  • Reed’s reaction to watching Gus and Lena open the gifts he had picked out for them. He was so, so excited to see them open what he had picked out for them. He got Lena a “purse”(makeup bag?) and Gus a Hot-Wheels car.
  • Both Reed and Lena’s reaction to Reed opening Lena’s gift to him. She picked out toy nunchuks for him, because he loves ninjas. And he loved it.

After the present excitement had died down, we crossed 3 things off of Reed’s winter break to-do list by decorating gingerbread men.

Gus told me he wanted to decorate a cookie, but I knew that would happen. Lena told me that she “accidentally ate part of it”. I knew kids + cookies + candy = inevitable munching, so I just asked them to decorate more than they ate, which Reed and Lena did without a problem.

The toy-of-this-Christmas is definitely Reed’s remote control car. Lena also got a remote control car and Gus got a little remote control robot, but Reed’s is the big hit. Gus loves it so much that I’m tempted to get him one of his birthday. 2013-12-26_0002

Merry Christmas, everyone!

‘Twas the Day Before Christmas…

Giant icicles hung from the home.

All the weimaraners were stirring,

Eager to roam.

Candles were lit, Silent Night sung.

And the last Advent card was finally un-hung.

A movie was watched, then kids tucked into bed,
Where they wiggled and giggled as legos danced in their heads.

Presents were scattered underneath the tree,

What could these gifts possibly be?

Tomorrow the children will come down to find
all of these presents with someone special in mind.
Paper will be ripped;
they’ll have quite a ball.
Now mama must sleep;
Merry Christmas to all!

School’s Out for Winter

Today was the last day of school before winter break. Which means parties!

Gus was super excited to go to school and see Lena. And, thanks to the kind kindergarten teachers who gave him an extra plate with a gingerbread man and decorations, he got to “decorate a cookie”, which to a 2 year old means devour all of the candy. 

Lena was so happy to see us. We got hugs and a big smile.

G was so fascinated with all of this party business. Particularly the food part.

Of course I wanted to take some time to visit Reed’s party too, but Gus was NOT leaving that candy. Lena’s teacher told me that she’d keep an eye on Gus for me, so that I could go see Reed. Their classes are right next door, but I was grateful to visit Reed’s class for a couple of minutes without an angry toddler in tow. Lena’s teacher is fantastic. And not just because she kept an eye on Gus. Or may be reading this blog post. She clearly is passionate about teaching kindergarten, and that is an awesome thing to see!

Anyways, Reed’s classroom. First grade parties are serious business, you guys. You fold dreidels and fortune tellers and make bird feeders and drink vegan eggnog. Stopping for your mom to take your picture is NOT on your to-do list.


I got to talk to some of Reed’s friends and help them fold dreidels. One girl, a friend of Reed’s from kindergarten, was very impressed that I knew her name already.

Both of the kids had fun, but they are also happy it’s break. Before I even had the car in the garage, Reed presented his winter break to-do list:

  1. Decorate Gingerbread cookies.
  2. Really, decorate gingerbread cookies.
  3. Decorating gingerbread cookies would be fun. With candy.
  4. Play with Andrei.
  5. Wait for Christmas.

My Winter Break to-do list:

  1. Cut both boys’ hair. Or, better idea: instruct Aaron to do that.
  2. Actually comb Lena’s hair.
  3. Get a handle on Reed’s chapped lips (we have a doctor’s appointment next week!).
  4. Learn how to say more than “I need to pee” and “French fries” in Russian. Just kidding. I know more than that. “Do you speak English?” is also burned in my memory.

I have convinced my children that they should learn Russian because Andrei speaks Russian and Andrei is cool. They watched Little Pim for awhile, and then I pulled out this talking alphabet book.

By the way, anyone know where I can get a new one of those? Gus spilled water on it a few years back and not all of the letters work now. 😦 The store I bought it from is now closed.

My kids normally pick out their own clothes, but L was running behind this morning, so I asked if I could pick it out for her. Yes! Christmas theme! The sweater is one of my favorites: mitten pockets that Reed wore back in 2010. My mom made the skirt last year. And the shoes, dug out for her Princess birthday, are currently her favorite.
Little brother photo-bombed! So much love.

Deck the Halls

This finally happened…

My poor husband, testing all of the lights. And finding that less than half of our lights worked.


They got to open their first presents of the season. Inside was their Christmas pajamas and a “movie ticket”. The back of the movie ticket explained that each ticket was good for one night of staying up late, for all 3 of them, a bowl of popcorn, and a Christmas movie of the ticket holder’s choice. Not valid on school nights. My mom had also sent them a Veggie Tales Christmas movie, so this was the perfect time to open that, too.