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Cheating at Advent

Today is my Imperfect Friday. First, I must confess. I cheated at our Advent calendar. I wanted to know what we would be doing today for a “random act of kindness”, so I peeked at the card. Taking the dogs out for a walk and picking up trash on our walk. NO! Not when it’s 20 degrees outside! So… I changed it. And changed and rearranged several more of the random acts of kindness cards. I cheated. Oh well.

My second confession for this Friday is that Gus didn’t get out of pajamas all day. He changed from one pair of pajamas to another! These photos were taken from 3:15-6pm.

Judge me. I don’t care.

At least his pajamas are cute?


And my final confession– Reed still has incredibly chapped lips. And, I photoshopped it to make it less embarrassing. He has medicated lip balm that he is supposed to apply throughout the day and he puts Vaseline on at night, but we don’t seem to be getting anywhere.

Bokehs and Sprinkles

Occasionally, I will have my camera sitting on the dining room table. It’s a dangerous spot, so I don’t leave it there often. But, tonight, I was sitting there, with Gus next to me eating a snack, my camera in between us. He loves to touch the buttons and feel the different textures. He pressed down on the shutter and click! He cheered. So, I let him do it again and again, moving the camera a bit to try to capture him.


We worked a bit on potty training tonight. We’re in no rush, but when he’s interested, he can go sit for awhile. I sit with him and we have great conversation. Over and over I heard “Mama, I funny. I funny, mama.”

Lena’s turn to do the Advent calendar tonight.

Day 5. She’s 5. For 3 more days!

After the kids went to bed, I needed to get out of the house. Aaron has been working some odd hours, but our lovely babysitter came to my rescue. And off I went.

It was even colder today. We got a dusting of snow last night and it was around 20 degrees when I went out. I wanted to walk from one end of downtown to the other, but I only made it so far before my hands were too cold to even really press the shutter. I don’t usually drink hot beverages, but I needed something.

Hello, lovely little coffee shop. With a barista who believes that whipped cream and sprinkles can’t be beat.

I don’t like hot chocolate. But this… this was really good.

Oh, and the reason why I came downtown… to see all the Christmas lights!

The Sun Turned Off

Reed: “Mama, when the thermometer is low like this, what is it like outside? Cold? Hot? Sunny?”
Me: “Since you drew it, can you tell me what you think it means?”
Reed: “It means it’s cold. The sun turned off.”

It feels like the sun turned off. Normally, I’d lament that it’s not even winter yet, but I learned today that there is both astronomical winter and meteorological winter. So, even though it’s not astronomical winter yet, I can rest assured that meteorologically, it is winter. Something like that. Have I lost you yet?

I did convince my kids to play outside for a little bit today.

They didn’t last long, especially since they didn’t want to bundle up.

My friend Rosemary shared some images on Facebook where she created a custom bokeh (blurry background). I had seen this before, but I never bothered to try it until I saw Rosemary’s, which were really cool. Here’s the tutorial.¬†

I had seen hearts, which is what Rosemary did, but I wanted to try a star. Specifically a Moravian star, which is what I always associate with Christmas.

Complete fail. They look like creepy little hands reaching out of the darkness.

I do have a heart hole punch, so I tried that, and it was much easier.

I decided to try the star again, and I had a bit more success this time. Some look like stars, some look like dragon flies. That’s cool.

Of course, we did our Advent calendar again tonight, and the kids drew pictures again. But, I didn’t photograph them. However, here’s one of Reed opening the envelope.

Gus’s Turn

It was Gus’s turn to grab the Advent card. He had no clue which to take, so Lena had to help.


This is his cheese face. SO happy to have his turn. I let him hang onto the envelope after I removed the paper inside and he stared at it with great fascination.
Their pictures tonight were a bit more… imaginative. Experimental? Something like that.

Reed started by drawing Moses with a staff, but he didn’t like that. So, he changed it to God holding a dead snake. Points for unintended symbolism. ¬†Lena liked the reptilian vibe, so she drew a boy with a turtle. Admittedly having nothing to do with the scripture we just read. Um, that’s cool, too?

I should have also taken a picture of Gus with his picture, which is definitely more… open to interpretation. I’m just impressed that he actually sat down with us for awhile and played with markers.