Gus’s Turn

It was Gus’s turn to grab the Advent card. He had no clue which to take, so Lena had to help.


This is his cheese face. SO happy to have his turn. I let him hang onto the envelope after I removed the paper inside and he stared at it with great fascination.
Their pictures tonight were a bit more… imaginative. Experimental? Something like that.

Reed started by drawing Moses with a staff, but he didn’t like that. So, he changed it to God holding a dead snake. Points for unintended symbolism.  Lena liked the reptilian vibe, so she drew a boy with a turtle. Admittedly having nothing to do with the scripture we just read. Um, that’s cool, too?

I should have also taken a picture of Gus with his picture, which is definitely more… open to interpretation. I’m just impressed that he actually sat down with us for awhile and played with markers.

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