The Sun Turned Off

Reed: “Mama, when the thermometer is low like this, what is it like outside? Cold? Hot? Sunny?”
Me: “Since you drew it, can you tell me what you think it means?”
Reed: “It means it’s cold. The sun turned off.”

It feels like the sun turned off. Normally, I’d lament that it’s not even winter yet, but I learned today that there is both astronomical winter and meteorological winter. So, even though it’s not astronomical winter yet, I can rest assured that meteorologically, it is winter. Something like that. Have I lost you yet?

I did convince my kids to play outside for a little bit today.

They didn’t last long, especially since they didn’t want to bundle up.

My friend Rosemary shared some images on Facebook where she created a custom bokeh (blurry background). I had seen this before, but I never bothered to try it until I saw Rosemary’s, which were really cool. Here’s the tutorial. 

I had seen hearts, which is what Rosemary did, but I wanted to try a star. Specifically a Moravian star, which is what I always associate with Christmas.

Complete fail. They look like creepy little hands reaching out of the darkness.

I do have a heart hole punch, so I tried that, and it was much easier.

I decided to try the star again, and I had a bit more success this time. Some look like stars, some look like dragon flies. That’s cool.

Of course, we did our Advent calendar again tonight, and the kids drew pictures again. But, I didn’t photograph them. However, here’s one of Reed opening the envelope.

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