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December First

I originally wanted to learn photography to document my kids’ childhood better, but now that I have a bit of knowledge, I’ve found that I really love landscape photography. I still have much to learn, but I try to get out with my camera as often as I can.

Today was our last day visiting Aaron’s family, at their farm. When we woke up this morning, the fog was intense. So, the first opportunity I got, I headed out with my camera.




When I came back in, breakfast was done and Reed and Lena were playing the card game “war” with Aaron. Gus was clearly in a mood.


We came back home early in the day. The first of December is also the first day that we are using our Advent Calendar, of course. Today’s card was the one that I showed in the blog post– write cards for military service members. A friend shared this link from the Red Cross.


Preparing for Advent

Last week, I saw this neat Advent calendar idea. In short, you can purchase a digital download of a “random acts of kindness” cards, which benefits the Cystinosis Research Foundation. It’s a cool idea, so I purchase the download. But, I realized I can’t do a random act of kindness with the kids each day. There are days where we only have an hour and a half to eat dinner, do bedtime and spend a bit of time together.

But, I loved the idea of random acts of kindness in the Advent season. I decided to use the ideas from the RAK cards for some days, and fill in the rest with Bible verses.

The cards for Monday-Thursdays are Bible verses related to Christ’s birth and why we need Him in our lives. Friday, Saturday and Sunday are a random act of kindness that we will do.

I had to gather some supplies.


I wanted to stamp the envelope with the date, but apparently stamps are crazy expensive at Hobby Lobby. Not happening. I should have printed the date on them, but I ended up hand writing the date on each.

In Photoshop, I made the actual template for the cards. I was inspired by the RAK cards one, but that ones says “Random Acts of Kindness”, so I wanted to make one that was accurate to what we are doing.

I know the little symbol in the middle looks like a sun, but I’m calling it a Moravian Star.

When I went to print them out, I realized that I had no colored ink cartridges. Only black. Oh well.

I could only find 2 finish nails, so I had to hang the two strings from the same nails. It would look a bit better and the cards would overlap less if I had 4 nails.


Can’t wait to start! Anyone have any fun Advent traditions of your own?