Snow Day

We are getting slammed with snow. It’s up to our doggie door, 12.9″, and still coming down.

This is how the dogs feel about it:

Reed and Lena aren’t too thrilled to be missing two days of school in a row. I think everyone is a bit bored at home, after weeks of cold.

We did have some mandatory outside time today. I actually think they had some fun.

“It looks like our snow angels are holding hands!”


I was there, too.


Someone noticed that Reed’s very chapped lips are gone. Yup. There was no magic cream and I didn’t somehow get him to stop licking his lips. I had an epiphany. A few years ago, he had a mild rash on the outer corners of his mouth. It popped up occasionally and I casually mentioned it to their doctor. It could be citrus related, he told me, but it wasn’t anything to be concerned about. When I remembered this, we asked him to try giving up clementines, which had been a staple of his diet, and it was nearly gone over night. Poor kid, I think he might rather have the rash and his clementines than go without, but he hasn’t complained.


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