Hoodie up, and he is a dinosaur, ready to attack.2014-02-04_0003

Hoodie down and he is my sweet Gus.

He’d dash behind the chair and jump out as his alter-ego.

In hysterics that I seemed surprised.

We’ve had a few silly talks recently which remind me how much he is growing up…

[At a store]
Gus: What’s dat, mama?
Me: Something for big boys.
Gus: I need dat.

[Discussing potty learning]
Gus: Why, mama?
Me: That’s what big kids do.
Gus: I nap? I legos?
…already thinking of other things big boys get to do… or avoid.

And a silly one…

[Lena flings open the bathroom door]
Lena: Hello!
Gus: How YOU doin?

Yes, growing up. But those baby-like features that seems so evident in profile? I adore them.

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