Day 2

Today was the second snow day. It finished snowing sometime overnight and apparently, we got 14.5″.

It was sunny, but bitter cold. Aaron still managed to shovel our driveway. And, I took Gus outside for a few minutes of snow exploration.

He has the least winter gear of any of our kids, so his attire was a bit mis-matched, grabbing things of Lena’s as needed.


That face.
He was really pretty fascinated.


I couldn’t help but do this. Same toy, opposite weather. How I long for the heat of summer.

Gus really didn’t last long. It was fun, fun, fun, then “I want to go inside.” “Okay, just a minute, alright?” “NOW!!!!!!!”

I did have to come back out on my own for a few minutes to take pictures of some of the truly massive icicles which cover our house.

…winter won’t last forever, right?

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