Summer Hosting!

I mentioned in my last post that we decided to host again this summer. Our family, Reed and Lena particularly, are very excited about this. Aaron and I really wanted to make sure that they were okay with sharing their summer with another kid. We talked with them about how they felt about our hosting experiences and if they’d like to do it again. They both said, “YES! What’s her name? How old is she? How soon will she be here? Can I make her a card?” Gus was there for the conversation too, but he doesn’t really “get” exactly what it means, especially since it’s still so far in the distant future.

We’re hosting an 8 year old girl from the same country as Big L. She’s just a bit older than Reed. Her bio information says that she likes math and science, as well as crafts. And, that she loves animals, especially dogs and wants to be a vet! She sounds like a cool kid and we even got to see a short video of her (a new thing that P143 is doing this year). When we first decided to consider hosting, we narrowed it down to a few kids with some specific criteria and P143 then pointed us towards her.


What does this mean for Big L?
Big L still isn’t sure about adoption, due to her current circumstances. We wanted to keep things “open” in case she had a change of heart. We basically decided to look at the possibility of Big L’s adoption and hosting this summer as two separate questions. Her adoption is still a possibility, but things are very complicated. Hosting is at the very least an opportunity to show “N” some love and stability this summer.

How long is “N” here?
She will be here from early/middle of June until the end of August.

How can we help?
We’re going pretty low-key with the fundraising this time. I still have some MudLove bracelets and a few t-shirts left from the winter. If you would like to order some prints, you can order here. And, I am offering photo sessions for local friends.

I’ve also added a button on the right side bar which shows how much we have left for N’s hosting fees. All donations made through there (Razoo) are tax deductible. We always appreciate your donations, as hosting is expensive.

4 thoughts on “Summer Hosting!”

  1. I have being reading your blog since this morning as we getting slowly ready for our first ever summer hosting. hope you can share some helpful tips about hosting. We are hosting two pre-teen boys from Ukraine, and I have our own two boys of age 2 and 6. I am originally from Russia and speak fluent Russian and some Ukrainian and I dont think we will have language barrier, however, hosting older children (that have no home or family) is becoming little bit scarrier every day as time comes closer. AS far is readiness, we got new bunk bed and everyday we mentally prepare ourselves, and trying to make some plans and ideas for our summer. But little things like should we buy some clothes for them or wait till they get here..simple necessities, books, toys etc…. I hope you can gave us some tips (o:

    1. I’d be happy to do a post with some tips. Do you have any specific questions I can address for you, besides the clothes, etc.?

      1. Looking back at your first time hosting, is there anything you wish you would done differently prior to their arrival? Or while you had child visiting?

  2. Can’t wait to read about your next hosting adventure! I absolutely love your blog. Your Gus bears an uncanny resemblance to my Ollie.

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