Updates on Life

My sister (jokingly) said I wasn’t allowed to blog again until their weather on the East Coast got as nice as ours. I think I might be allowed now.

What have we been up to? Well…

Reed won an award for his class this month. Each month the teachers pick a child in their class who is excelling and being an excellent student. Reed got that distinction this month– for being a great helper to all and also developing a love of reading. Reed truly is a great helper at school AND home and I’m really proud of who he is becoming.

Lena’s class performed at the same assembly where Reed got the award. Lena had picked out a dress and I braided her hair. That morning, when Gus saw her, he said, “Lena, you look so pretty! Mama, is she a princess?” And Reed had pulled out her two fanciest pairs of shoes to pick from. She has such kind brothers. She’s also doing great in school– reading is her subject as well and her class is currently writing books.

Gus is… Gus. As he often reminds us, he’s “special”. He’s caught between being a baby and a clever little boy. Bubbles are still his favorite around here, with the trampoline being a close second.

I’m currently doing Couch to 5K to prepare for Bekah’s run.

And, I’m doing a personal photography project.

Aaron and I are trying to invest a bit more time into each other before summer and our busy schedules begin. It’s good to take a bit of time for us and take a break from the million directions we’re always moving in.

We’ve also decided to host another child this summer… I think all of the details for that will need to be it’s own blog post. But this was a family decision and everyone is excited.

Lots happening over here and I’ll be back to share the hosting details soon!

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