Summer Nights

Yesterday was the first day of spring, but we’ve already had days and evenings that feel like summer. Especially combining warm temperatures and the kids’ spring break.

Aaron and I have been trying to appreciate these warm nights by going for a walk after dinner. He and I walk, Reed and Lena ride bikes and Gus goes in the stroller.

It is the very best, warm enough to be out as the sun is setting, but without any of the bugs.

Her wardrobe has not switched completely from winter to spring/summer yet. Winter boots + shorts and t-shirt.

Reed and Lena are getting used to be on bikes again. One night Reed said “my bike is slow tonight!” Aaron and I laughed, but we did discover that he had it in the lowest gear, so there was some truth to his statement.

This little guy isn’t too sure how he feels about the stroller, but it’s already fallen asleep in it once.


And when we’re out late enough, we all enjoy the starry sky. We’ve spotted the Big Dipper, the Pleaides, and Orion’s belt.



We’re eagerly anticipating the real summer. 🙂

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