Aaron was recently out of town. Ugh. I was ready to lose my sanity towards the end of it and my coworkers had caught on to this.

Then, one day I noticed a large box on my porch. I went out to find it was from my boss, full of DVDs and activity books for the kids. Her girls had outgrown them and now I could make it through dinner preparations, thanks to her generosity and Gus’s friend Elmo. It was such a fun surprise.

A few days later, another friend who also happens to be a coworker asked if she could stop by for a bit. She had something for the kids. My house was a big disaster, but I hesitantly said “yes”. And, my friend came over and hung out, playing with the kids, chatting with me, reminding us that we all in fact liked each other.

And, after she left, the kids peeked in their bags to find…


I had no idea that they liked bubbles so much!

This was the first time we’ve played with bubbles this Spring, and Gus was quickly obsessed.





Gus actually enjoyed them so much that the next day, we went to Target at 8am to buy a no-spill bubble container and a huge thing of bubbles.



He has spent hours and hours playing with bubbles. I was able to get some stuff done (which is a story for another blog post) and he was thrilled. I’m thankful for friends who help the kids stay busy when I’m a bit worn out!

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