We kicked off our Easter festivities on Good Friday with egg-dying. We went for simple red eggs again, using onion peels like we did two years ago. It’s very easy to do and not messy. And Russian/Ukrainian. We talked about eggs symbolizing the life that only Jesus can give us and red for his blood.


I’ve had lots of people ask me about these since we posted them on instagram. It’s just yellow onion peels + white vinegar. And they are a bright crimson red when wet and dry to a brick red. Here’s the recipe we use.

We watched a couple of “What’s in the Bible?” videos on Friday and Saturday. They explain topics with lots of kid-friendly detail.

On Sunday, we went to church. That was about the extent of our Jesus-centered holiday.

For the afternoon, we went out and flew kites. It had nothing to do with Easter, but the Overland Park Arboretum was having Kite Fest. My sister had sent them some kites and this seemed like the opportunity to use them.


I don’t think kites have any less to do with the resurrection of Jesus than Easter eggs and bunnies and candy do, so I won’t feel bad.

Reed told me that he needed no assistance learning to fly his kite. I sort of laughed, but he really did figure it out himself. He did ask me for help getting it up a few times, but he also did a fine job by himself. I was impressed.

Gus needed more help than we could offer him.

Aaron helped Lena get hers in the air and together, they had some success.


Reed is becoming quite the gracious older brother, pushing Gus on swings, helping him on/off the trampoline, and… letting him hold his beloved kite.

I’m thankful for his patience with his pesky little brother.


The arboretum actually has a kids’ garden and it contains some “dinosaur bones”, a large section of trains, play houses, trucks to play with– lots and lots to do.



It was a relaxed holiday, and that’s how I like them. 🙂

One thought on “Easter”

  1. Are you familiar with the tradition of egg fighting? This was something I just got introduced to this Easter (or Pascha). It’s sort of like the wishbone at Thanksgiving. Basically two people tap their eggs together, the person holding the egg that breaks is the loser, and the person with the intact egg goes on to tap another person’s egg. It’s sort of fun, especially when it’s a group of adults going absolutely crazy over it. 🙂

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