10/365: Split Lighting

Split lighting is where you use light to illuminate just one side of your subject’s face. I had an idea for using split lighting for a portrait of Big L. I ended up not getting quite what I wanted, but the kids and I had some fun goofing off.

Lena is almost always my test subject, when I need someone to stand still and/or take instruction. She is definitely my most comfortable in front of the camera and also the most patient.

The middle expression is just a blank expression. What she gives me when I tell her not to smile, but not frown either.


The one on the right is what I got when I told her “you don’t need to smile”. The death stare.

Then, we did some up close shots of eyes. Because, why not?

Again, she was both the most still and had the most natural expressions. You can also see a bit of her rash from the strep throat she is getting over.

This guy was willing, but still is not something he’s very good at. Being 3 and all.

Big L is definitely silly. We love that about her.

She has beautiful eyes.


Just some silly portraits. Because Big L only has 3 full days left with us, I’m trying to pack in the memories. Her trip has gone by so fast.

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