9/365: Wonderscope and Fritz’s

Realizing that Big L’s time left with us was very limited, I decided to take a day off this week. Friday ended up being the best day.

I wanted to take Big L and Gus to the Kansas City Children’s Museum, called Wonderscope. I’ve been there a few times with Reed and Lena, but I don’t think I’ve ever taken Gus. The last time I remember going was about a month before he came home.

Wonderscope has a lot of different rooms to play in.

This is the vet and doctor room, where Gus is managing the vet office. (If you want to see Reed and Lena playing in the same room and looking really tiny, here you go.)

The room on the left is pretty fun. Golf balls and tracks that you can build. Right is Big L looking into the spaceship where Gus was playing.

We spent the most time in the building room, mostly with the Megablocks and Magnatiles.

But, Gus’s favorite was the fish. His love of fish and the calm that they bring him, as well as a Facebook friend’s post about how kids sleep better with a fish tank in their room, has me thinking. But, the location of his room would make it really hard to clean a fish tank. Anyone have experience with artificial fish tanks or alternatives to the traditional fish tank?

So, we didn’t spent as long at Wonderscope as I had hoped. I remember Reed and Lena really enjoying it and I think that they still would. But, I think that Gus and Big L’s ages are just too young and too old to really take advantage of everything. Which was interesting, because all of the kids we saw there were in the 1-4 year old range, but I’m guessing lots of their families have memberships and don’t mind coming for shorter visits.

When I told my mom we were going to Wonderscope, she said that we had to go to Fritz’s Railroad Restaurant afterwards. They have a location pretty close to Wonderscope.

You make a phone call on this phone to place your order.

Meanwhile, trains keep circling overhead. And then, the train brings your food!

Gus was clapping with delight. A train that brings him chicken nuggets?! This must be too good to be true!

Big L was pretty amused by the whole thing too, and not too old to appreciate the hat they gave Gus.

Fritz’s gets a 5/5 from us. It’s a definite must for little kids who love trains, but we all enjoyed it, not just Gus. The prices are just a bit more expensive than typical fast food and the food is great.

It’s hard to believe that Big L is here for just a few more days. I’m glad I took a day off to spend some time with these two, even if Wonderscope wasn’t as popular as I had hoped.

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