11/365: Cats

I want to pack in the fun stuff, when Big L only has a few days left with us. So, today we went to Cedar Cove Feline Sanctuary. This is the third time we’ve been here, but I think it’s been over 3 years!

The tigers were Big L’s favorite.2015-01-11_0001

On the left is a serval. On the right is a bobcat. When Gus saw the bobcat, he said, “Hi, my name is Gus. What’s your name? Do you want to be friends?”

This guy is a cougar named Tom. When we walked over to him, one of the volunteers was petting him. Tom walked off and the volunteer got up and turned away. Tom walked over and looked at him like this. It’s that classic cat look, “Where are you going?”

Voodoo is a gorgeous leopard. They got out a piece of meat to get him out of his den so we could see him.


This is Shanta, the lioness.

And Tonka, the lion. I enjoy seeing all of the animals, but Tonka is a sight to behold. Huge, gorgeous and that mane. He is getting his neck scratched by his favorite human.

Yup, that’s the spot.

Last, we saw the wolves.

And also the orange tigers.


Aaron’s favorite was the cougar. Reed’s, Lena’s, and mine were the lion. Gus’s was the lion and the cat (probably the bobcat).

I think that Cedar Cove should be a “must visit” for families (and animal lovers) in the KC area. You have the opportunity to not just see the animals, but also to learn a lot about them. I was really impressed that the facility is totally staffed by volunteers and volunteers who seem to love it there. At least two of the volunteers had been there 3.5 years ago when we were there, too! It’s definitely worth a trip to go see the cats and learn about them.

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