The Scrapbook

Last week, I blogged about the goodbye we’re all dreading. šŸ˜¦

One of the gifts I was most excited to give Big L is a scrapbook.The kind of scrapbook she can pull out whenever she’s lonely or missing us and at the very least, know that she is loved.

I filled it with all of the cards everyone has sent her, along with a photo of that person or of her with the card, and a translation.

And, IĀ includedĀ the affirmations I made for her.

Each page is filled with reminders that she is loved by many. Reminders that she has value.


It’s also been a great way to give more permanent life to some of the special things we’ve done this summer, like the affirmations and card shower.

We had a special day today and I gave her the scrapbook. But, I’ll share about our special day in another blog post!

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