Blessing Her

Each day, the mail comes with much excitement. What might be in it today?

Our sweet friends and family have really gone all out. And each day, as I see the return address, I wish we had the language between us so I could share about the people who have touched this mail. The sweet friends and family dropping notes in the mail just for her.

Each day, she points to the names and return addresses with wonder. “Nicole? Your sister Nicholas?!?!” “California?” “Who this person?” I explain who they are, and if she knows them already or if they are a friend loving her from afar.

This card came from the family who donated a large grant for her hosting fees. The grant, added with what we had already fundraised, was almost the exact cost of the hosting fees and largely what made it easy for us to say yes so close to the deadline.




I got a Facebook message from a sweet woman offering to send Russian goodies. It sounds like the thing one ought to be cautious about, but after she told me about herself, I simply send yes, so kind of you to offer. And, I’m so glad I did.

There was a beautifully hand-decorated box and inside, it was PACKED full with goodies.

L’s reaction was priceless. She pulled each thing out, held it up and announced its name with enthusiasm. Each thing was familiar and so exciting.

She made us each try Halva and laughed with Reed and Lena made funny faces after trying the sweet sunflower spread.

This was a long, beautiful letter from my friend Tiffany. Tiffany included an icon card of Mary and baby Jesus. L looked uncertain at the small image, but Tiffany had written that it helps her to look at the image when she is not feeling well. This morning, L pulled it out when her stomach hurt.

This is a card from her cousin’s (soon-to-be) mom. It contained some money, something that she has likely never had in her possession before. When we were out shopping, she asked me to please use the money to buy her some… (drumroll, please)… DEODORANT. I explained that I’d buy the deodorant– the money was for something special.

This card was a treat, seeing a familiar language! The friend who sent it has 5 girls adopted from L’s country. L pretty much shouted the words out when she saw them!2014-07-14_0001

And, my beloved friend Danae sent EACH child a package, along with one for me with an activity for when we’re bored. We haven’t done it yet, but I’ll definitely have to share when it does happen.
Treasured little gifts from our sweet friends.

Unfortunately, I haven’t been perfect about photographing each card that comes in, but believe me, they are all treasured. Each one will be added to her scrapbook and each one is marked on map, so she can see where all of the cards came from. Thank you.

5 thoughts on “Blessing Her”

  1. Hi! I’ve been reading your blog since Reed and Lena came home, and I’d love to send Big L a card from New Zealand, if that is ok! What is the address to send it to? (I’ll add my email so you can send it there if you like!)

  2. Hey there.
    Ive been following you since Reed and Lena came home as well 🙂
    I was just wondering: do you consider adopting Big L?
    I’m just being curious..cause you do kinda get attached to them, dont you?

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