Lola’s Tattoo Parlor

I know, it’s been a few days. And a jam–packed few days we’ve had. I need to answer your hosting questions, but I’m tackling a few lighter topics until I have time to give your questions the dedication they need.

So, lighter topics… tattoos. The temporary kind.

On a rainy day last week, my mom’s kitchen table turned into a tattoo parlor.

Lena opted for this skull. Apparently she’s tougher than we all realized.

I asked her to give me her toughest face and these are what I got.
Watch out, world. Lena’s here.

Reed got a bunch, including this “Rock Star” one and Gus only tolerated one, on his upper arm.

Big L got a TON of tattoos, including “Mama”, “Papa” and “Lola” underneath a heart.


They loved the tattoos, but hopefully they’ll hold off on the real ones for awhile.

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