The Glasses Project

We are still struggling to get Big L to like her glasses. She will literally run and hide when I pull them out.

My mom had the idea of getting my older nephews, who she is quite fond of, to try them on. This turned into a lot of excitement with the 10 kids and everyone ended up trying them on. Big L was watching this happen and I kept telling her “No, you don’t get a turn”. Making the required off-limits makes it instantly more interesting.

In the end, she was very ready for her turn. Mission: successful.


We still haven’t gotten her wearing them regularly, but actually putting them on my choice? Baby steps.

One thought on “The Glasses Project”

  1. Tell her she looks lovely and that I understand the struggle.. i only had mine for 2 years now and always avoided wearing i didnt need them back then.

    In the beginning I took them off whenever I could.. but now I just got used to it and dont mind anymore 🙂

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