Shearing the Sheep + Girls Night

Today started off a bit rougher. My allergies were in full swing, but a morning with kids means getting together 4 bowls of yogurt before I’m fully awake. Plus at least 2 hugs and 1-2 children whining. All of this left me feeling rather cranky and worn out. Keeping it real, y’all.

I ended up needing to set a few boundaries with Big L. She really loves to be with me and be touching me. I try to welcome this as often as possible, but between her and Gus, I definitely get “touched out” and in need of space. And after she tried to read my email over my shoulder, I told her “Sometimes adults need space and privacy.” She looked confused for a second, then apologized.

I was worried that she’d feel bad or even mad at me. But, in hindsight, I think that was perfect. She didn’t seem upset with me at all, but has backed off on reading over my shoulder at least. While her English is still pretty rough, I still think that she understands enough to be nosey or catch something she shouldn’t. And, as much as I want to build our relationship, of course there need to be adult/child boundaries, too.

Our afternoon was a lot smoother. And, we all headed over to my sister’s house so that the boys could get hair cuts.
No, not one of the children getting hair cuts.

There’s one of the scrappy children desperately in need of a hair cut.

Big L wanted a shot of us making hearts with our hands together.

My mom with some of her grandkids. She is an amazing grandma. Obviously adored by all of her grandkids.

Here’s the boy getting his buzz. His hair took a lot of work, but my sister did a wonderful job. Thank you, Nicole.

Meanwhile, Gus was pushed in the swing.

And secrets were told.

Gus got more of a trim than a full blown haircut. Basically to remove the hair in the back that was too long and bit around his ears. He got to stay in the swing and watch his favorite TV show on my phone. 2014-06-29_0008

Another wonderful haircut by my sister. Glad for her help in getting the unruly creatures looking a bit more like boys again.

We went to the pool again after dinner.

Big L has started throwing Reed and his cousin, who is 6. She is usually chasing my older two nephews around, but will stop and toss these two when they yell “L, throw us! Throw us!”
I have seen Big L playing with each of my kids and their cousins. I like that about her– that she will interact with each child in their own way.

My mom has a waterproof camera, which I borrowed for a bit.

I have been trying to get this shot for awhile. These two run and jump into the pool holding hands.
It kills me with the cuteness of it.

V is really good about taking Gus. He’s quite fond of her, too.
Since he needs to be held constantly in the pool, it’s nice to have another set of hands to give me a break and hold him for a quick whirl around the pool.

She really loves the pool.

Just two silly shots from leaving the pool. On the left, Gus walked over to his littlest cousin and said “hi!” Pretty cute. On the right, brothers. These two crack me up together. While I’m sure they have their moments, they also seem to have such a fun, silly relationship.

I let Big L stay up after the younger 3 went to bed for a special girls’ night. We did clay masks and our nails. Here are some fake nails that she picked out. I am SO not a fan now, but I remember liking them at that age. She was clearly fascinated and they were what she wanted for her special choice at the store yesterday. They can only last so long, right?


We also watched Doctor Who together. She’s spent so much time doing little kid things that I think she really enjoyed this big girl night. I’m glad she stayed up a bit later with me. I think she really enjoyed the one-on-one time and doing something geared more towards her than my 3 little kids. It was a time to share something I love with her (Doctor Who) and also love on her (doing her nails & rubbing her feet).

Any host families have good ideas for boundaries and/or bonding to share?

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