Girls’ Day + Swimming

Well, first thing we did today was a puzzle. Big L and I did most of it together, but Lena helped a bit. I haven’t done puzzles in years, but I’m finding them so relaxing.

Then the mail came. My mom recently read the book Infinitely More by Alex Krutov. It is SO worth the read if you haven’t already. He grew up in the orphanage system of St. Petersburg. He talks about visiting the US and how difficult it was to see his host mom throw away mail, even junk mail, because he’d never gotten mail for himself.

My mom made sure that Big L got her own mail.

And, I decided to post on Facebook asking for people to send cards. A simple card just to say “hello!” or share a favorite Bible verse.  The response has been wonderful and I’m so excited to see her reaction. I cannot wait for her to begin to realize that so many people care about her.

In the afternoon, we went on a crazy shopping adventure. I needed to return something to a store and we needed to grab a few essentials for Big L. Lena tagged along and it was a fun little girls’ shopping trip. We also picked up Big L’s glasses. She refuses to wear them. If anyone has any great tips on encouraging a preteen to wear glasses, please let me know.

Big L is really silly and does ridiculous stuff like this when we go shopping.

In the evening, we went to the pool with my sister and her family. Everyone got to spend time with their cousins. 10 kids and they all play together pretty well, especially with the pool involved. Everyone had a blast.



Out of focus, but oh well. Cousins holding hands and jumping into the pool together.


Gus and Big L. I love how he says her name. The L turns into a W and it’s simply adorable. She is wonderful with him– picking him up when he’s upset and I am busy, helping him with his clothes, tickling him, unbuckling his seat when it’s time to get out of the car, etc. He was the last to accept her, being a bit uncertain about having another person around, but he loves her now.


That’s our Saturday. Full and fun.

3 thoughts on “Girls’ Day + Swimming”

  1. I just wanted to share my thoughts on glasses..I got mine several years ago and absolutely love them. Help her to understand (from a very girly girl’s point of view) that glasses can be a fashion accessory! People who don’t need them are wearing them because they look “cool”!

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