One Week



Big L finished this huge puzzle today. 2014-06-27_0006

She loves dogs. Which is good. ‘Cause, you know, we have dogs.
This is my sister’s dog.

I’m not sure if Lena is Leif’s biking coach or if Leif is Lena’s running coach.


I got the kids sunglasses awhile ago for 99 cents at Children’s Place. I finally remembered to give Big L hers and they’re a big hit. They also perfectly match her swimsuit.



She asked me to help her download some music today. She spent the evening listening to it. I was going to ask her to help with dinner, but she was really enjoying listening to it. After so much English for the past week, I’m sure it’s nice to listen to something familiar.



This happened. Magically. I only had to bribe one of them. My bribe was a reminder that it was…


Movie night, of course!


Today also marked one week down. In a way, it’s hard to believe it’s only been one week. 8.5 weeks left.

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